River Readers Book Club

River Readers Book Club

River Readers Book Club

This is the season for book clubs! Yesterday Ginger and I drove to Elizabeth City to meet with the River Readers Book Club. What a delightful time! Thank you for selecting One More Moon as your book this month – and a heartfelt thank you to Brenda Daniel for hosting in her beautiful home. Next week we meet with three more book clubs – two who have chosen to read A Smile in One Eye. Have book club? Will travel. What an interesting adventure! Great conversations!

Outer Banks Women’s Book Club

Outer Banks Women's Book ClubA heartfelt thank you to Lucille McGrath and the Outer Banks Women’s Book Club for selecting One More Moon this month.  I was glad I could join you.  What a great discussion!   Everyone participated.  And, having it by candlelight (since the power was out on Sea Oats this morning) made it only all the more interesting!!!

One More Moon Now on Audible!

OneMoreMoon_altNarrator Nina Price adds a remarkable dimension to the written word!

Goodreads Choice Nominee Ralph Webster tells the true story of his grandmother’s desperate journey from her life at the Pensione Alexandra in Naples to America – after Mussolini and the Fascists join with Hitler – and as countries across the world close their doors to Jewish refugees fleeing the spread of Nazi evil. 

Now Available at Audible and Amazon